Alysa Hart Tugs A Stranger In His Car

Alysa Hart spots an older man she wants to give a handjob to in the parking lotCute teen redhead Alysa Hart is an adventurous spirit with a passion for giving men tugjobs! Her handjob fetish makes Alysa constantly aware of the men around her and what they’re packing in their pants. At the first sense of sexual interest from a man she’s ready to unzip his pants and start wanking away. When she saw an older man in a parking lot checking her out as she strolled along, Alysa knew she would soon have her hands around his cock.



alyssa_hart_gifShe made eye contact with the older stranger and smiled at him. He smiled back as he opened the door to his car and got inside. As soon as he settled he popped open the passenger’s side door and again gave Alysa a smile. Her pussy became instantly wet when she saw the open invitation into the stranger’s car. She knew her lust for handjobs was about to be fulfilled for today.

Quickening her stride, Alysa approached the open door and slid her cute teen ass into the car. The stranger seemed almost intimidated by how bold Alysa was for her age. That’s when Alysa knew she would control this sexual encounter just as she’s controlled every other. Her hands began running up and down the leg of the man as the outline of his erect cock increased in size. Alysa was almost in shock at how big it had become and had to get her hands around it immediately!

Alysa Hart is shocked by the size of the penis she has her hands aroundAlysa Hart wanks a thick cock and massage big balls

She unzipped the man’s pants and grabbed the thick shaft of his penis bringing it out into the light of day. It was at least 7 inches long and so thick her hand couldn’t close around it. She stroked it up and down using both hands at times and watched it get even larger. Alysa was sure there was a wet spot in her jean shorts as she began to grind the car seat. He wasn’t the only one getting off on this amazing teen’s tugjob.

As she dry humped the car seat she continued to quicken the pace at which she stroked his shaft. Twisting up and twisting down, she worked her tiny hands around his cock and was driving them both insane. She was going to orgasm and he was about to cum all over her hands. Feeling the spasms of his cock in her grasp she wanked him with one hand and cupped the head of his dick with the other to catch his cum. She milked him and used his own cum to lubricate her continued tugging. She moaned quietly as she came to an orgasm next to the stranger.

Alysa Hart is stroking a cock with her teen tits hanging outAlysa Hart is going to make this stranger cum all over her hands

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