Tara Ashley Milks Her Brother In Law

Size matters a great deal to girls which is why when they have a man with a big dick, they want to get the biggest megaphone and scream it from the roof top. Tara Ashley’s sister hit the jackpot with her hubby because he’s well endowed and this is something she tells the brunette about because they’re sisters and they share everything about their lives together. What she doesn’t anticipate however is the fact that her very horny sister will go behind her back and milk her man’s cock just so she can see first hand just how big it really is.


Tara Ashley Handjob Porn

As this new high def video from, Tara Ashley’s sister definitely wasn’t exaggerating when she bragged about her man’s cock because its huge and thick, just the way both women like their cocks and even though the man this particular cock is attached to is married to her own flesh and blood, Ms. Ashley throws all caution to the wind and makes a pass at her brother in law who very happily plays into her hands, literally. He swings his fat prick out his pants and leans back on the sofa, watching in awe as the teen nympho goes ham on his dick.

Tara Ashley is blown away by the hugeness of the prick in her hands and it only grows bigger and harder the more she strokes it so she strokes it with all her might until it can’t expand any further. Then the sexy babe rubs the head while simultaneously playing with her brother-in-law’s big balls until she gets him to the edge and eventually over the edge. This handjob will forever be their little shared secret!

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