Skyye Charming Masturbates While Wanking Off A Dude

Whoever said you can’t multi-task while wanking your man off has obviously never met Skyye Charming. This pigtailed cutie is a pro when it comes to doing two things at once and if you need any proof of that, look no further than this steamy video from where she not only takes care of her man’s needs but she also manages to take care of her own needs too at the same time! Yes, she has needs too and yes, she actually gets them both off just fine.


Skyye Charming is horny so she creeps in between her boyfriend’s legs and starts playing with his dick. Doing this makes her wet in between the legs so now she finds herself in a tight spot. She doesn’t want to let go of her man’s prick but she also can’t ignore her moist pussy so her right hand stays glued to the dick while her left hand travels south to her twat. Her boyfriend is one lucky fella because he gets serviced while also enjoying a masturbation show. Its no wonder then that this two for one special pushes him to the edge.

He badly wants to nut but Skyye Charming just won’t let him. She wants their playtime to continue for a while longer so she pulls her hand away from her snatch and brings it back to her boyfriend’s cock. Once there, the geeky brunette switches to slow strokes until she’s ready for her man to cum. Then she switches back to fast stroking which turns both of them on even more. The best part of this video is watching them cum in unison!

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