My Sister’s Friend Stella Banxxx

Stella Banxxx is shocked when I ask her for a tugjobMy sister’s friend wants a ride to her boyfriend’s house on the other side of town. Now, I’m a decent guy, but that’s a far trip and gas is expensive. I asked her for some gas money, but of course she tells me that she’s broke. That’s when I take a good look at her. She is pretty damn hot. Blonde hair, a nice figure, and the type of personality that makes her seem like she would be up for just about anything. Ah what the hell, I might as well try my luck and see what happens. “Give me a tugjob and I’ll take you to your boyfriend’s house,” I tell her.


At first she seemed kind of offended, then shocked, and then alright with it in her typical up for anything attitude. This was a damn fine trade and I was about to get a handjob from a sexy blonde teen! I told her to get on her knees in front of me and I’ll take it out so she can stroke it. My cock was hard already from this whole encounter so far, so I unzipped and popped it out the top of my boxers. Her mouth dropped and she looked like she was in complete shock. Her boyfriend must have a small cock because she called it a monster!

I felt like a rock star after hearing my cock referred to as a monster. So I decided to act like one and take command of this entire teen tugjob experience. “Go ahead, wrap your hand around it,” I told her. She did as she was told and squeezed her hand around my shaft. “Now, move your hand up and down my entire cock and keep squeezing it tightly as you do.” I’m not sure if this was her first hand job, but she took directions well and my cock grew thicker in her grip. She even quickened the pace of her stroke without being told. “Put your other hand on my balls and gently massage them.” She did as I asked again. I think she’s completely hypnotized by my big cock. This was turning out to be an amazing wank!

Stella Banxxx gasps at the size of the cock she's about to give a handjob toStella Banxxx is about to wrap her tiny hand around a thick cock

I started thrusting into her grip and fucking her hand. She even moved her mouth closer to the head of my cock and I was breaching her lips on every thrust forward. This girl was totally into my cock, the tugjob, and I was ready to explode. I started fucking her hand faster and she kept stroking and fondling my balls and squeezing tighter. My cock was now slipping into her mouth with ever forward thrust and I knew my hot load was going to hit her hands, her face, and even the back of her throat. I lost complete control and started cumming. It splashed off of her face and onto her hands which lubricated my thrusts and helped milk the rest of my cum out of my cock. Some shot into her mouth and she just swallowed it down like a pro.

That was one of the best handjobs I’ve ever received in my entire life and this cute blonde teen earned her ride to the other side of town. Maybe I can convince her to give me another wank on the ride to her boyfriend’s house?

Stella Banxxx grips my cock firmly in her handStella Banxxx wanks my hard cock

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