Melody Jordan Wanks Off A Jerk

Imagine being rudely interrupted as you get yourself off. It’d be very annoying, right? Well, Melody Jordan doesn’t have to imagine it because it happened to her! And the jerk who interrupts her masturbation session doesn’t even have the nerve to apologize which pisses the horny teen off even more so as this video from shows, she decides to punish him. But, her punishment is very unconventional and not at all anything even he is expecting.


Billy knows better than to argue with a raging mad girl so when Melody Jordan orders him to take his pants off and lay on the bed, he does it pronto. He knows he’s in big trouble but what he doesn’t know is that the pigtailed teen hottie is about to jerk him off. She tugs at his prick while playing with his balls and this gets him excited. His dick is now semi-erect but the more she tugs it, the harder it gets. Billy is completely at Melody’s mercy. She has him pinned underneath her long legs and she’s getting quite a kick out of watching him helpless under her.

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His humiliation comes full circle when the beautiful brunette crushes his face with her foot. Her hands never leave his dick even as she flexes her toes over his jaw and eyes, letting him know how beneath her he really is. Melody Jordan contemplates ruining his orgasm just like he ruined hers through interruption so does she or doesn’t she? Watch the full length video at to find out.

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