Jillian Janson Jerks Off Her Man While Talking On The Phone

If you had a girlfriend as hot as Jillian Janson, you’d want to have sex with her all the time, right? That’s the case with her boyfriend. He wants to bang her every single chance he gets, even when she’s talking on the phone. Obviously Jillian doesn’t feel like fucking right this second and she especially doesn’t appreciate having her phone call interrupted. But her man is horny as hell and he’s not budging. He stands his ground and even pulls his dick out of his undies and slaps her palm with it.


Jillian Janson complains to her friend on the other end about her man’s horniness but she doesn’t pull her hand away when he pours lube in it. And it stays put when he brings his dick and places it right on top of her fingers. She now knows he has no intention of leaving her in peace until he gets a release. Well, she has no intention of hanging up the phone so the two of them compromise on a phone call handjob. The tatted up stud lays on the bed and gets his dick jerked off while his hot girlfriend talks on the phone.

A distracted handjob is better than no handjob at all, the horny guy reasons. We don’t blame him. Even when distracted though, Jillian Janson’s fingers know their way around her man’s dick. She wanks it, rather roughly and shoves his balls around begrudgingly. Pissed is an understatement when it comes to Jillian’s current mood. And when she’s mad, she tends to be a little rougher than usual. That roughness works for her man though and before long, a thick load of man goo shoots out of his cock.

Jillian Janson from Teen Tugs
Jillian Janson from Teen Tugs
Jillian Janson from Teen Tugs
Jillian Janson from Teen Tugs

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