Blake Carter Makes You Spurt Cum All Over Yourself

She’s young but talented with her hands and in this video from, Blake Carter shows you that she’s capable of getting you off with her hands when she dominates your cock and never lets up until you spurt cum all over yourself. The slender blonde hottie in a hot pink bra and panties takes great pleasure in wanking your cock and this is evident in the way she smiles and bites down on her lip as she strokes your sweet sensitive spots until you have no option but to nut really hard.


Blake Carter loves cock, especially your cock which is why she’s dedicating this portion of her day to servicing you until you get a release. She takes off her bra and leaves her perky small tits hanging out in the open as she settles in between your legs for what is sure to be a fun time for both of you. First her fingers circle around your cock head then they slowly work their way to the bottom and back up as she warms up and gets her hand used to the size of your erection.

She squeezes your meaty cock as she rubs it up and down and it takes everything in you not to explode with each touch from her hand. Blake Carter is running this show though and she wants to decide when you cum so she switches up how fast she strokes you in a bid to control when you get to cum and when she feels you tensing up, she increases the pace of her stroking until a massive load shoots out of your cock, drenching you.

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