Natalia Nix Jerks Off Her Step Dad

Natalia Nix is caught between a rock and a hard place. Her step dad catches her masturbating and says he’ll snitch on her unless she wanks him off. The petite teen knows she shouldn’t hook up with the older man. He’s married to her mom after all but he’s got pretty incriminating footage of her masturbating on the couch. So, in order to keep that footage from getting to her mother, Natalia buys her step dad’s silence with a handjob. In her mind, fucking him would be crossing the line but a handjob is something her conscious can live with.


The slim brunette puts her giant vibrator away and pulls her stepfather closer to her. He’s still fully dressed but she’s already naked. This doesn’t sit well with Natalia Nix so she helps him out of his pants. Then she strokes his dick up and down until it hardens. Out comes her bottle of lube and when the horny man’s dick is well lubed up, his step daughter gets to work on it. She strokes it in a way only a younger chick ever could. His own wife has never beaten his meat quite like this and it feels so damn good!

Determined not to let her step dad have all the fun though, Natalia Nix decides to multi-task. She vibrates her wet pussy while jerking off her step father. Now, he gets to have a fantastic masturbation show put on for him and get his dick tugged at the same time. That’s more than the poor old man’s heart can handle. He tries so hard not to ejaculate so fast but he can’t help himself. A few more tugs from Natalix’s hand and a huge load comes bubbling out of his erect boner.

Natalia Nix from Teen Tugs
Natalia Nix from Teen Tugs
Natalia Nix from Teen Tugs
Natalia Nix from Teen Tugs

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