Sadie Kennedy: Cum Control Extraordinaire

Thou shalt not make any demands of Sadie Kennedy. You should especially not ask her to be nice to you because as she tells Billy, why should she? This sexy redheaded dominatrix clearly has a chip on her shoulder and Billy is the one chosen to pay for whatever is nagging her. Sadie slides on her thick black gloves, grabs a jar of slimey lube and settles down next to Billy for their scheduled appointment. She’s not impressed with the size of his dick and that displeasure is written allover her face for the world to see.


This dick is smaller than the ones Sadie Kennedy is used to playing with but since that’s all that’s available, the teen masseuse decides to just have fun with it. Her idea of a good time is sadistic to anyone but her. What starts off as slow stroking very quickly turns into a nightmare for Billy. The friction from the gloves hurts the skin on his penis but he’s too much of a wuss to complain to Sadie. His agony shifts into overdrive when she tells him he can’t nut without permission from her.

That seems like an unreasonable command but Billy obeys anyway because he’s desperate for a release. Sadie Kennedy isn’t done making the poor guy’s life miserable though. As if controlling when he cums isn’t enough, the gloved babe takes Billy on an edging adventure that nearly gives him a case of blue balls. Sadie rapidly brings him to the edge of explosion but right before he can blow his load, she slows all the way down. If that isn’t cruel and unusual punishment, I don’t know what is.

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