Gemma Nicole Gets Off On Stroking Your Big Dick

Do you like these 18-year old titties? That’s what Gemma Nicole asks you as she strokes your big cock. Any other answer besides yes is unacceptable. Of course you do but you especially love the fact that the girl those titties are attached to has her hands glued to your dick. She’s not much of a talker but she’s a heck of a looker and the things she does with her hands have you squirming on the bed! Gemma looks directly at you as she rubs your dick up and down. Its almost like she’s daring you to nut for her.


Of course you have every intention of giving her your nut. Just not right this second. You want her to work for it. And that is something Gemma Nicole is only too happy to do. A dry handjob may not be high on your fantasy list but that’s exactly what she gives you. For a few minutes anyway. Its almost painful but you don’t dare say a thing. You don’t want Gemma to walk off the job halfway by complaining about the dryness so you lay still and watch her do her thing.

Soon enough though, she pulls out the lube and slathers it all over your dick. Instant relief is immediately accompanied by the glorious sight of her pussy as she takes her panties off. Then the fully naked Gemma Nicole pins your legs underneath her slender body and wraps both hands around your thick pulsating dick. She’s now ready for you to cum so she uses a two-hand stroking technique to jerk you off. The faster she tugs you, the closer you get to nutting. When her stroking it almost too much for you to bear, you let loose and explode in Gemma’s hands.

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