Vanessa Cage Wanks Off A Hung Guitar Player

Vanessa Cage can’t play a guitar to save her life. She can however stroke the hell out of a dick. Jimmy invites the hot teen over to hang out and when she shows up, he’s playing his guitar on the couch. She’s curious about the instrument so he offers to teach her how to play. A few attempts at finger positioning on the strings leave her frustrated and him confused. It comes easily to him but not her. When she throws her hands up in defeat, Jimmy takes his guitar back. As he starts strumming the strings, Vanessa’s fingers suggestively move up his thigh.


At first Jimmy doesn’t react. He wants to see where this is going. Then Vanessa Cage tells him she’s not good at playing the guitar but she’s good at stroking dicks. That’s all the horny dude needs to hear to ditch his guitar. As relaxing as playing is for Jimmy, getting a handjob trumps it a hundred times. Vanessa is excited to see just how eager Jimmy is to get a handjob from her. She pulls his dick out of his shorts and immediately starts tugging it.

Slow stroking is her go-to move and it works wonders on Jimmy’s big cock. In no time at all, it’s standing erect, pleading to be stroked even more. So Vanessa Cage moves to the two hand stroking technique. This is what Jimmy has seemingly been waiting for. His whole body tenses up as the pretty babe strokes his dick with all her might. He can feel a load building up inside him and he’s too helpless to stop it. So, he lets loose and nuts all over Vanessa’s hand.

Vanessa Cage from Teen Tugs
Vanessa Cage from Teen Tugs
Vanessa Cage from Teen Tugs
Vanessa Cage from Teen Tugs

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