Oxuanna Envy Tugs A Thick Uncut Prick In The Kitchen

Poor Oxuanna Envy. All she wants to do is clean up her boyfriend’s mess. But he wants to fuck. He walks into the kitchen and lustily grabs her ass. She swats his hand away but the smile on her face says she’s enjoying his attention. The sexy teen intentionally wears red lace panties to do the dishes. She knows it’ll draw her man to her and it works. But Oxuanna doesn’t want to fuck, she just wants to play with the lucky man’s dick so she tells him to pull his pants down and she goes to town on his dick right in the kitchen.


They’ve never fooled around in the kitchen before so this is new territory for the couple. Its adds a layer of excitement to their fun together. The lucky man gets an excellent view of Oxuanna Envy’s rack from up above. But he wants to see her bare titties so he tells her to take off her bra. She leaves it on while she strokes his big dick. Oxuanna loves how good the throbbing prick feels in her hands. She rubs it fast and then slow and she even dips down to the balls for a bit.

Every stroke is meant to get her man to nut and each one hits his big uncut prick in just the right place. Oxuanna Envy knows how to bring her boyfriend to the brink of explosion but what she really wants is for him to go across the finish line and splatter his thick white cream all over her body. Her wish is granted when he lets loose and his nut splashes across her titties. Oxuanna then takes off her bra and rubs her boyfriend’s semen all over her boobs.

Oxuanna Envy from Teen Tugs
Oxuanna Envy from Teen Tugs
Oxuanna Envy from Teen Tugs
Oxuanna Envy from Teen Tugs

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