Vanessa Vixen Makes Her Perverted Teacher’s Dick Pop

Everyone knows that if you need a quick release, Vanessa Vixen is the girl for the job. Her reputation as a handjobber is so cemented in the school fabric that even her detention teacher can’t help but ask her to beat his meat for him. Most girls would frown at this severe abuse of authority but this blonde nympho takes it all in stride and jerks her teacher off right in detention! Bet your detentions weren’t this much fun but you can live vicariously through the perverted teacher as his dick gets jerked until it pops in this hot classroom handjob video from


Vanessa Vixen likes to jerk cocks and she makes no apologies for it. She’s actually very good at it and she takes every opportunity to perfect her craft hence the handjobber reputation that follows her around. When her teacher asks her for a quickie, she happily agrees because she’s horny as well and there’s no better way to pass time in detention that by playing with a hard cock.

First though, she pulls down her top, exposing her bouncy perky tits as her hand travels down south and grabs the teacher’s cock. Vanessa Vixen rubs it up and down and when it can’t get any harder, she switches from sensual rubbing to firm tugging that drives her teacher close to the edge of orgasm then she finishes him off with superb one hand tugging that has him spurting jizz all over himself!

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