Rosie Riches Jerking Off Two Older Men

Rosie Riches sure knows how to roll out the welcome mat. Two of her dad’s superiors at work come over to discuss business but instead of offering them coffee and biscuits like a normal hostess would, the pint sized teen decides to jerk them off. This isn’t the kind of welcome the two older men are used to getting but they welcome it with wide open legs. Rosie knows she has a tiny window to make an impression on both men so she quickly unzips their pants and immediately gets to work on their dicks.


The older men don’t know what to expect from Rosie Riches at first. She seems to inexperienced at first glance but once her hands are wrapped around both of their dicks, all their presumptions about her experience are forgotten. The tiny brunette knows her way around a dick and taking on two dicks at the same time doesn’t intimidate her one bit. She moans as she jerks the two dicks and then she hikes up her top so the men can fondle her tits while she plays with their dicks. This is the most excitement either one of them has had in a long time.

They both reach out and grab a tit each. Rosie Riches smiles as the men pinch her nipples. She’s laser focused on their dicks though so her hands remain firmly glued to them. One of the men slides his hand down to Rosie’s crotch. He fondles her pussy through her shorts causing the cute brace-faced teen to momentarily lose her focus. She recovers quickly though and continues with her quest to make both men cum at the same time. Does she make it happen? Watch the full length video at to find out!

Rosie Riches from Teen Tugs
Rosie Riches from Teen Tugs
Rosie Riches from Teen Tugs
Rosie Riches from Teen Tugs

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