Shae Celestine Busts Her Boyfriend And Drains His Dick

Wanna piss off your girl? Keep photos of your ex on your phone. Billy finds that out the hard way when curious Shae Celestine snoops through his phone. She’s livid and that’s only made worse by his lame excuses. Shae is a confident girl but she’ll be damned if her man even has time to think about any other woman. So, she decides to show him why all his attention must be focused on her at all times. The sexy teen pulls Billy down on the couch and zips his pants. He doesn’t know what’s coming so the handjob catches him completely off guard.


This spontaneous handjob has Billy on the edge. Is Shae Celestine so mad at him that she’ll only tease him but not finish him off? Or is she determined to one up his ex by giving him one hell of a handjob? The poor guy has so many questions but Shae ignores him and soldiers on with stroking his cock. She goes slow at first, exploring every inch of his dick with both her hands. Her man has got a long big dick, exactly the way she likes them. She smiles up at him as she rubs his throbbing cock.

Then Shae Celestine leans in so Billy can pull down her pink top. Her perky tits bounce out of the top and land right in his hands. He caresses them gently while she continues to tug his prick. Shae is going for white gold here. She wants to make Billy cum harder than his ex ever has. So, she strokes his huge dick with all her might until he completely surrenders to her hands. As a stream of cum shoots out of his dick, a victorious smile spreads across the teen’s face. Point one for Team Shae and zero for Team ex-girlfriend.

Shae Celestine from Teen Tugs
Shae Celestine from Teen Tugs
Shae Celestine from Teen Tugs
Shae Celestine from Teen Tugs

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