Kendra Heart: Squirt All Over My Mirror


Cum On Mirror

When Kendra Heart is feeling feisty, she likes to milk cocks in front of her mirror. And she’s feeling particularly horny today so she pulls her man in front of the mirror and jerks him off while staring at herself. Watching herself in action turns her own big time but you won’t notice just how wet she is because you’ll be too busy watching her hands at work and listening to all she has to say in this video from


This is one vocal babe. She lets her man know everything she’s doing to him as she does it. Just for good measure, she even tells him what she intends to do to his cock. He faithfully stands there, not even moaning a single bit but his body language does all the talking for him. His dick as stiff as it can possibly get and his shaved nuts are tight. Kendra Heart has a great deal of fun telling her man how she intends to edge him because she’s a bitch but he tunes her out and focuses on the magic her hands are performing on his dick.

The lucky man presses forward as an orgasm builds up inside his body. This slight movement catches Kendra Heart’s attention. Its the sign the brunette teen has been waiting for – a sign that says her man is ready to be jerked past the edge. She licks her upper lip as she doubles down on stroking the pointed big dick before her. She even manages to sneak in a peek at herself in the mirror as she rushes to get her lover to the finish line. He rewards her by squirting his creamy load all over her clean mirror!

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