Older Man Nuts All Over Avril Vagine’s Face

Thou shalt not play on company time. Every single person who has ever had a job knows this one golden rule. But not Avril Vagine. The pigtailed cutie is filling in for a secretary when she decides that jerking dicks off in the office is a lot more fun than doing whatever it is secretaries do. Of course if she’s going to wank someone off, it has to be the boss. The naughty babe thinks that jerking off the big guy will lead to a pay raise. That’s an assumption on her part that pays off big time for her lucky boss.


It takes a really ballsy person to hit on her boss. Avril Vagine is clearly that crazy. She hits on her boss the very first time she meets him. Its not a sly kind of flirtation either. Its the aggressive, in-your-face flirting where she bolded grabs his junk. The man is taken aback at first but soon enough he warms up to the idea of having a teen going gaga for his cock. He yanks it out of his pants and then unsuccessfully tries to stifle a moan as Avril pops it in her mouth.

Sucking her boss off isn’t all this horny teen babe intends to do. She wants to make him cum. She takes her shirt off and pops out her juicy perky titties so the older man can fondle them while she sucks and tugs his prick. Avril Vagine is only 18 years old but she’s clearly a pro at stroking dicks! She polishes her boss off flawlessly. He, in turn, rewards her with a load to her face but not that raise she wants.

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