Madison Hardy Makes A Dick Burst

Jobs are scarce these days but Madison Hardy has bills that can’t wait. She applies for a handy person position but when she gets there, Mr. Johnson tells her he’s actually looking for a handjob specialist. This is the part where most chicks would run out of the room but Madison is curious and intrigued so she sticks around. The pay is good and it certainly beats working behind a fast food counter. Besides, this is something she enjoys doing and has been doing for guys free of charge. Not her fault that a horny guy is willing to pay her for it!


Before they can even get into whether its a W-2 or 1099 position, Mr. Johnson tells Madison Hardy to get out of her clothes and because she’s desperate to be hired, she does as she’s told. Seeing her tight and toned teen body gives him major wood. He’s definitely ready to play. He unbuckles his pants and takes his shirt off and then he instructs Madison to show him what she can do. There’s no way she’s getting this job without a successful demonstration of her abilities first.

Madison Hardy has no clue what exactly Mr. Johnson expects from her but if he thinks she’s some sort of amateur, she squashes that thought by skillfully applying lube to his dick and then jacking it off sensually with just one hand. To say that her future employer is impressed with her technique and skill set would be a gross understatement. He’s blown away. It becomes obvious just how impressed her is when a massive load comes bubbling out of his erect cock. Does his cock explosion mean Madison is hired? You bet!

Madison Hardy from Teen Tugs
Madison Hardy from Teen Tugs
Madison Hardy from Teen Tugs
Madison Hardy from Teen Tugs

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