Older Dude Milked By Marilyn Mansion

Marilyn Mansion is a human fun test. What that means is in order to fuck her aunt, men have to fuck her first. If she deems them worthy of satisfying her aunt, she green lights the relationship. Dave doesn’t know about the test when he shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. He thinks he’s meeting his girlfriend’s family and eating some good food. The tatted up teen however, has kinkier thoughts in mind when the older man introduces himself to her. You can almost see how excited Marilyn is to have fresh meat in the house and as this video from shows, the horny teen pounces on him immediately!


Mr. Dave is the kind of man who has always done the right thing his whole life. He’s well mannered too so when he tries to make polite conversation with his girlfriend’s niece, he doesn’t anticipate the direction the conversation takes. The shock on his face is very evident when Marilyn Mansion reaches down into his crotch and starts caressing his penis. This is new territory for the older man, something he’s never done before. Its also something he doesn’t think he should be doing but the brunette teen is persistent.

She spreads her legs, giving Mr. Dave full unrestricted access to her dripping wet pussy. He’s clearly never had teen pussy before but he’s more then eager to try it. With his hand shaking nervously, Dave feverishly rubs Marilyn Mansion’s slick clit while she sensually rubs his hard dick. They bring each other to orgasm at the same time! As Dave expresses gratitude to the teen for the handjob, she bends over and shows him the butt plug stuck in her ass, which can only mean one thing – the old man’s good day is about to get even better!

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