Teen Student Brandy Jaymes Jerking Off Her Teacher


What does a girl have to do to get an A+ grade? Jerk off her teacher of course! Well, that’s the easy way to get a good grade and its the path Brandy Jaymes chooses in this video from The pigtailed cutie is failing her class so her teacher makes a house call to discuss her grades with her. They’re supposed to come up with a game plan for her to improve her grades but her nipples prove to be too much of a distraction for the older man. He knows there is a boundary he isn’t supposed to cross. He’s also too horny to care.


Brandy Jaymes is good about reading people and situations. She can sense that her teacher wants her really bad. She will do anything for a good grade, including jerking him off. So, the naughty teen playfully tugs at the man’s tie until it comes off. He doesn’t stop her so she proceeds down to his pants. This house call is certainly turning out better than either one of them imagined it would. Brandy even takes all her own clothes off. So now, she’s completely naked and his dick is poking out of his pants. And so the fun begins.

The desperate teen spreads her long legs so her teacher can finger fuck her. While he does that, her hand goes up and down on his dick. They both moan as they pleasure each other with their hands. This is a much more fun way of getting a good grade than having to study for it! Brandy Jaymes is so good with her hands that it doesn’t take long for her to milk every last drop of cum from her teacher’s cock. You’ve got to see where his load lands on her tight little body.

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