Brylee Remington: Jerking Off My Step Brother For Cash

Brylee Remington will do anything for money, including jerking off her stepbrother as this scene from shows. The slender cheerleader is desperate for cash and when her step brother wont give her any of his hard earned money, she makes him a deal he can’t refuse. She offers to tug his prick until it erupts and since he could use a release, he very eagerly agrees to her deal. What follows next is a handjob so sensual and yet so intense and it’s all shot POV-style so it’ll feel like the cash-strapped teen hottie is jerking you off!


pigtail teen jerking

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and Brylee Remington knows this better than anyone which explains how she ends up in between her step brother’s legs with his big dick in her hands. She needs cash, he needs a handjob and together they come to a mutually beneficial agreement where they each end up getting what they want out of their little arrangement. Their compromise is a taboo everyone would frown on but that doesn’t stop these two horny nymphos from getting their freak on.

The sexy cheerleader flips her top halfway exposing her braless rack and then straddles Ben as she reaches for his dick. She strokes it slowly, awakening it with the back and forth movement of her hands then she switches from a one hand stroking technique to milking the big dick with two hands and its this two-hand tugging that eventually pushes the lucky dude over the edge causing him to ejaculate in Brylee Remington’s hands!

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