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Cheerleaders Do It Best

Cheerleaders Do It Best description: Delinquent teens Pocahontas and Dakota Charms need some extra credit. They taunt and tease Mr. Johnson and beg him for some extra classwork. While there young stud Connor is jamming on his guitar when the two teens offer handjobs to both of them. Pocahontas and Dakota take turns and race to see shoe can nut first.


Cumshot Competition

Cumshot Competition

Date: August 26, 2020,
12:45 HD Video / 168 Pictures

Cute teens Dakota and Amber argue about who of those two can make their men nut. Finally they decide to call their boyfriends in the room and jerk them off to see who is the most skillful handjobber. In this handjob contest there is only one rule, the slut who will make her boyfriend spurt his goo first.

Laundry Handjob With Dakota

Laundry Handjob With Dakota

Date: July 29, 2020,
10:56 HD Video / 129 Pictures

Horny college student Dakota Charms coaxes cum from some stranger in the laundry room. The slutty teen girl makes him to sit down and dominates his dick by jerking it hard until he squirts his semen.

Pocahontas\' Full Relaxation

Pocahontas' Full Relaxation

Date: September 16, 2020,
12:00 HD Video / 201 Pictures

After an exhausting day at work, Billy decides to visit Pocahontas full relaxation spa. The lucky guy hopes for a relaxing massage that will help him revitalize his mind and body, but he has no idea what are the services provided by the cute teen masseuse. What he doesn't know is that Pocahontas specializes in an alternative way of relaxation!

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