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Butter Blaster

Featuring Amanda Bryant
Butter Blaster description: Jonny begs for some hot milking action from nubile teener Amanda Bryant. When he gets denied he keeps insisting. She finally gives in when she realizes no lube is ready. The perverted teen strokes his big dick with butter and gives him an amazing rub down.


Jenna Jaded Gets Her Revenge!

Jenna Jaded Gets Her Revenge!

Date: June 21, 2024,
12:30 HD Video / 132 Pictures

Slutty teenager Jenna Jaded is having a bad day. First her bf cheats on her with her own sister, then she seeks out revenge by jerking off his best friend whilst yelling at him on the phone and humiliating him. This teen babe jerks off a monster cock and is poised to make him spurt his load so her ex bf can hear everything in detail, making this handjob the ultimate in revenge.

Let Me Milk Him

Let Me Milk Him

Date: April 13, 2021,
13:45 HD Video / 230 Pictures

Naughty teens Molly Bliss and Kendra argue about who gives the best handjobs. The two babes are not able to prove their jerking skills, but fortunately, uncle Warren is in the next room. The perverted man is more than glad to help them by offering his boner to demonstrate their talent.

Step Dads Revenge

Step Dads Revenge

Date: November 3, 2020,
10:30 HD Video / 140 Pictures

Cute teen Chasity Bliss returns home later than allowed, and her step-dad is waiting for her. He is really mad so the perverted step-dad makes Chasity jerk off his big cock as punishment, making him shoot his goo on her long sexy legs.

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