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Arietta Adams: Cute and FUN POV

Featuring Arietta Adams
Arietta Adams: Cute and FUN POV description: Redhead teen Arietta Adams is cute and fun. She gets a kick out of making men spurt their loads. After all, she cant get pregnant from a handjob, and technically, a handjob is not cheating. But dont tell Mr. Johnson that as he kicks back and gets a rub n tug POV style in this latest TeenTugs handjob video.


Give My Cock A Raise

Give My Cock A Raise

Date: July 8, 2020,
14:33 HD Video / 190 Pictures

Slut bag teenager Avril Vagine wants to move up in the world. But the only way she knows how is to make men bust their nuts on her pretty face. When she coaxes her new office managers dick she lets him nut on her face only is she can get her raise in pay. But the only raise she gets is his thick cock goo.

Natalie Monroe POV

Natalie Monroe POV

Date: February 7, 2022,
12:32 HD Video / 233 Pictures

Braced faced teen Natalie Monroe loves jerking cocks as much as you like receiving jerks so in this new episode from TeenTugs, the fresh newcomer goes to town on your big cock and doesn't stop until creamy jizz comes shooting out of your prick.

How Fast Can you Cum?

How Fast Can you Cum?

Date: April 19, 2024,
10:48 HD Video / 201 Pictures

Riley Jean wants to know how fast you can cum. Tom takes her up on the challenge and gets jerked off and handjobbed by the glasses wearing teen. Suffice it to say, he didnt last too long and almost blew his load in under one minute. He was able to hold out longer when she edges his cock.

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