Teen Kenzie Reese Likes Controlling Your Fat Dick


If you’re going to be teased by a chick, it may as well be Kenzie Reese. This pint sized teen queen looks sweet on the outside but she’s got a mean streak to her. That mean side of her makes an appearance in this video from where she sweetly but firmly dominates your dick and orders you not to cum until she says so. You probably think she’s joking but she isn’t. She brings you to the edge only to crush you to pieces when she ruins your orgasm right as you’re about to let loose. You’re in for an intense ride with this one.


Kenzie Reese loves big cocks. She’s especially fond of yours. Its the biggest one she’s ever had the chance to play with in her life. That says a lot because she’s been around the cock block a time or two. Now that she’s finally got her hands around your fat dick, the slender teen babe intends to show you just how good she is with her hands. She’s specifically very good with her thumbs which she twirls around your dick head until pre-cum spills out of it.

For you, this is about getting a release but for Kenzie Reese, its all about having fun. She twists her hands around your thick dick while talking dirty to you and then she teases your dick head again with the tips of her fingers. The naughty teen seems to know what points to press to drive you bonkers and she does just that. She brings you to the edge again but this time its different. Instead of delaying your orgasm, Kenzie finally gives you permission to cum!

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