Naughty Girl Scout Alyssa Hart Jerks Off A Cookie Lover

teen in girl scout uniform jerks him off

Slutty girl scout alert! Its scout cookie season which means the girls will go whatever it takes to sell cookies and hit their target goals. Alyssa Hart is one of those girls and she’s determined to sell the most cookies in her troop. The pint-sized babe is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal, including jerking off potential clients. She runs into one of her favorite cookie buyers and he doesn’t mind buying her overpriced cookies as long as he gets something in return.


Whatever does he want? You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out. Lucky for him, Alyssa Hart came prepared. That’s the girl scout motto, isn’t it? Always be prepared or some shit like that. Well, this teen hottie is armed and ready with her lube. She likes her cookies with milk anyway, but not the kind of milk you buy from the store! Alyssa whips out her bottle of lube as the horny guy whips his dick out of his pants and then they get busy on the couch.

The girl scout organization definitely wouldn’t approve of this cookie-selling strategy but who cares what they think? Alyssa Hart is having the time of her life milking the hell out of the big dick in her hands. She uses one hand, then two hands. She strokes it up, then down. She twists her hands around and around the thick rod and every time she hits a sweet spot, the man moans. The teen cookie seller has places to go though so she rapidly brings her client to the edge and then flawlessly finishes him with her tiny hands!

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