Oxuanna Envy Will Beat Him If She Can’t Join Him


Oxuanna Envy is cleaning the kitchen in a pair of lace pantiesIn this week’s update to we’re given a full length video and a photo set of Oxuanna Envy. She is cleaning the kitchen when attacked by her horny boyfriend who wants to cum!

Oxuanna Envy is minding her own business and cleaning her kitchen when she’s groped by her boyfriend from behind. He’s horny as hell and wants Oxuanna to finally give in and let him have sex with her. She’s a tough girl who stands her ground and rejects him on the spot. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, she’s horny too! She just doesn’t think they have been together long enough to have sex yet. So, she offers her boyfriend a compromise, “I’ll give you a handjob if you promise to stop groping me tonight.” Her boyfriend makes the promise and Oxuanna grabs his crotch, staying true to her word.

Oxuanna Envy is stripping naked in her kitchenOxuanna Envy is giving a teen handjobOxuanna Envy takes a hard cock in her tiny teen hand

Oxuanna Envy drops to her knees on her now clean kitchen floor in front of her boyfriend. She sees the bulge in his pants and knows he’s ready for his cock to get tugged. Unzipping his pants, Oxuanna takes his thick cock out and tries to fit her tiny teen hand around its shaft. She has such petite hands that it becomes difficult to give a handjob with just one. She grabs his cock with both hands and starts rubbing his prick. “I love your thick cock!” Oxuanna says to her boyfriend who equally loves her dirty talk and moans with pleasure. “Tell me how much you love it, baby!” Her boyfriend demands of her.

“I love it so much that I want to feel it squirt all over me!” That really gets her boyfriend going and he lets out a long groan. “I love it so much that I want to taste your cum!” She again teases him with her wicked tongue. “Oh fuck!” Is the only thing her boyfriend can get out of his mouth. His cock was now harder than it’s ever been and he swears this is the best handjob he’s ever got in his entire life!

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