Alyssa Hart Milks Mr. Franklin


Alyssa Hart takes out her stepdad's cock and strokes itIn this week’s update to a brand new video and photo set has been released. It features the cute redheaded teen Alyssa Hart and her stepdad Mr. Franklin. Alyssa has to pay for damage she did to Mr. Franklin’s car, with her hands!

Mr. Franklin, Alyssa Hart’s stepdad, was being nice to her for once and let Alyssa borrow his car. While Alyssa was cruising around she was talking on her cell phone and became distracted. That’s when Alyssa rammed the car in front of her that was stopped at a traffic light. She knew that she was in big trouble and went straight home to take the heat.

When she told her stepdad what happened he was pissed off. He demanded that Alyssa pay for all the damages to his car and the other car that she hit. Having no money, and no job, Alyssa couldn’t do that even if she wanted to. Alyssa gave her stepdad a pouty look and puppy dog eyes while saying she was sorry and will do anything to make it better. That’s when her stepdad had an idea pop into his head. “Give me a handjob once a week for a month and we’ll call it even,” he told his stepdaughter. Alyssa Hart couldn’t believe those words just came out of his mouth. It actually kind of turned her on to think of her stepdad wanting to have a sexual experience with her. Alyssa Hart agreed to do what he asked.

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Mr. Franklin approached the bed that Alyssa Hart was sitting on and pushed his hips out in a motion to Alyssa Hart that it was time to begin giving him a handjob. Alyssa got the point and unzipped her stepdad’s pants taking out his semi hard cock. It was already so big that Alyssa was having trouble fitting her tiny hands around her stepdad’s cock. Mr. Franklin felt so naughty about what was happening, and so sexually excited that his half hard cock grew to a full erection in seconds. Alyssa began moving her petite hand from the base of his dick to the head and back down again. She heard her stepdad make moaning sounds that reassured Alyssa she was giving him a good tugjob.

Mr. Franklin lay on the bed with Alyssa and took his pants off. Now Alyssa had access to his balls and began to play with them as well. Her stepdad loved her tiny hands trying to play with his big balls and started moaning louder and more frequently. Alyssa Hart watched his cock and his balls swell and knew he was going to cum soon! Watch the full length video of Alyssa Hart and her stepdad inside the member’s area of You’ll get to see the incredible ending to this story!

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